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Life Update | The Honeybees Have Arrived!


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Tinker is a hard man to shop for. If he sees something that he wants, he goes out and gets it, which makes gift giving really difficult! This year for his birthday, I wanted to surprise him with something that I thought he would really like and enjoy. He is the type of person who gets bored really easily and constantly needs something to do, so I wanted to get him something that could turn into a fun hobby! Enter the honeybees.

His birthday is at the end of January, and I ordered all of the gear he would need for his new hobby in December. If anyone really knows me, they know that I love giving gifts! It is definitely one of my love languages. They also know that I am TERRIBLE about waiting to give gifts until the day that they are supposed to be gifted! His presents arrived at the beginning on January, and then sat wrapped on my fireplace for WEEKS! I am pretty sure that I asked him every day if he wanted to open his presents early… and of course he always said no!

The day before his birthday, I asked him one more time if he wanted to open them early, and to my surprise he said YES! He was so shocked and exciting, and couldn’t wait for the bees to arrive! Even though all of the gear that he needed arrived in January, the bees wouldn’t ship out until the end of March after it warmed up a bit.

Well last week, the honeybees finally arrived! I went to the post office to pick them up so they didn’t have to sit in a hot mail truck all day, and immediately sprayed them with some sugar water (per Tinker’s instructions – he has done a LOT of research over the last few months and is now a bee expert!). They were introduced into their hive the next day, and from what we can tell, they seem to really like it! The weather has finally warmed up in Texas, so they are flying around all over the place! They are right outside of the bedroom, so when you open the window, you can hear them buzzing around in there!

Being slightly terrified of flying things (birds, insects, you name it…), I’m not 100% sure why I thought that honeybees would be a good idea, but I am so glad he loves it and that they keep to themselves! I am hoping that I get used to the bees flying around very soon, but I am sure it will all be worth it when we get our first batch of honey!




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