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I am Savannah and I am a wedding photographer based in Dallas, Texas. I hope you enjoy viewing my latest work and my education for both brides and photographers!



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This gown was breathtaking on Lacey between its long train and detailed top! If you’re a bride looking for inspiration or ideas on wedding dresses, this may be some good inspo for you!

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Let’s talk about questions to ask your wedding photographer! Choosing the perfect photographer for your wedding day is a big deal. These photos are ones that you’ll be looking back on for years to come. They are photos that you’ll be showing your grandkids and passing down for generations. Finding someone who can capture those […]

After you have all the people you want photos with written down separate them into groups of importance. Meaning maybe your parents are the number one priority and your friends are the least priority. This will help your photographers know who to photograph first and last. It’s also important that you let your family know that they will be called for family photos.

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We decided to do them indoors and she felt so confident and looked so radiant. Having your bridal photos done also instills so much confidence in you and I feel that every woman should always feel confident in their own skin.

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Wedding shoes… they can often be an overlooked detail on your wedding day. Not only does a bride look for a beautiful shoe, but a comfortable one a well. I have put together some of my favorite wedding shoe brands for you below. All of these brands have an excellent variety of shoes to choose […]

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Let’s talk about a wedding detail box and what exactly to include in them! When it comes to capturing a wedding, there are so many big moments I have the honor of capturing as a wedding photographer. From the first look to the teary-eyed groom watching his bride come down the aisle, there are endless […]

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